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e164.org is an alternative to "official" (e164.arpa) ENUM. Here are the similarities and differences:
  • Like e164.arpa and all other ENUM trees, e164.org maps E.164 numbers to SIP URIs.
  • e164.arpa is approved by ITU (which is dominated by PSTN telephone companies?), is available in less than 10 countries, and has been stalled since 2002. e164.org is available now worldwide, but has not been ITU-approved.

The advantage of signing up yourself and your friends with e164.org is that then, if you are all using ENUM-checking adapters/proxies (and SIPbroker ENUM-enables Sipura and some other adapters), then you can all continue dialing each other by using your existing PSTN phone numbers (as long as you dial from the VoIP line, then the call is free).

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