Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers

Here are some useful numbers you can call with SIPbroker. Please feel free to edit this page and add useful numbers you find to the bottom of this page.

From http://free411.com/searchresults.php?searchtype=2 :
free USA directory assistance (local white and yellow page listing, not just 800 numbers) and free phone calls to any listed PSTN number. (After the number is spoken to you, the system will say "To be connected free of charge, just stay on the line." Calls to residential numbers are disconnected after 5 minutes.) The keys to using their voice recognition system successfully are to speak slowly, loudly, and with a full one-second pause between each word you speak, and to make sure you're speaking the business name the same exact way it's officially listed. To get your own SIP number listed, get a DID and then add that phone number to ListYourself.net.

reachable via PSTN and ENUM+SIP. If you connect via ENUM you will hear the word "ENUM" followed by music. If you connect via PSTN you will only hear music.

From http://www.voiptalk.org/products/sms_guide.html#7 :
*258-9123 UK date & time (NOT open)
*258-902 welcome message (NOT open)
*258-903 tells your phone number (NOT open)
*258-904 echo test (NOT open)

From http://www.blueface.ie/support/useful.aspx :
*266-300 monkey sounds (NOT open)
*266-301 echo test (NOT open)
*266-303 Ireland speaking clock (NOT open)
*266-305 music (NOT open)

From http://www.faktortel.com.au/support-calling.shtml :
*208-600 echo test (NOT open)
*208-123 Australian speaking clock (NOT open)

From http://www.darkvoip.net:
To create a VM box: http://www.darkvoip.net/vm/ or https://www.darkvoip.net/vm/
*98761 Access voicemail system ENUM:
*9876-VMID (Leave a message for a user with mailbox VMID, example: *9876-41718
*98762 Conferencing system (English and Spanish prompts) ENUM:
*9876-311 (Callerid / CNAM readback if provided) ENUM:
*9876-711 General Conference ENUM:
*9876-511 Clock in Central Time ENUM:
*9876-1111 Voicemail box for suggestions, extension requests, mailbox requests. ENUM:
*9876-3000 General IVR ENUM:
*9876-7XXXX Dynamic/on the fly conferencing (replace X's with numbers to create a conference. For no pin, press # when asked for one.)

From http://www.qxip.net :
*9879-9999 MOH by QuasarmusiQ (NOT open)
*9879-9901 QXIP streaming test (NOT open)
*9879-9902 QXIP streaming radio (NOT open)
*9879-9993 Audio+Video Echo Test (NOT open)
*9879-777Z QXIP jukebox (NOT open)

From http://www.ideasip.com/support/numbers.php :
*850-8355 (TELL) TellMe Information Service (weather, news, technology, sports) (open)
*850-8463 (TIME) Talking Clock — US/Eastern Time (open)
*850-201 Welcome message (open)
*850-301 Echo test (open)
*850-100-XXX-XXXX Create your own conference room by choosing any 7-digit number (open)
*850-**1234X Test messages (open)

From http://shazam.zapto.org : >> Transcendental Connections >>. cool
* (*061-ShaZaM)
- Experimental Asterisk PBX. (SipBroker, USA, UK, & AU DiD's).
- User Conferences, Ham Radio & CB Radio network linked, Scanner feeds, Local Pay Phones (free), Dial Up modems, + More!
- Extension 2 for the general user conference.
- Other options via menu. Enjoy!

SIP Forever

From SIP Forever useful numbers (french speaking)
  • *8425-610 Echo test
  • *8425-611 Tell your phone number
  • *8425-612 Current date and time (local time in western Europe)
  • *8425-651 Public conference room
  • * Leave me a message in my voicemail (announce is in french, just talk after the bip) !
  • SIP Forever iNum echo test number
  • SIP Forever Enum echo test number

Here are some nice features that Sipforever provides
  • Get your own SIP address.
  • Free calls between members.
  • Free interconnection to other SIP networks.
  • France, Switzerland, UK and USA DID
  • Voicemail.
  • Public conference room.
  • Get your own private conference room.
  • Get your own iNum number for free (+883 prefix).
  • Get your own Enum number for free (+882 prefix).
  • Outbound calls to iNum numbers (883 5100 XXXX XXXX).
  • Outbound calls to Enum numbers (882 99XX XXXX XXXX).
  • Call routing to special UN numbers (prefix +888).

If interested to join the community, you can request for an account. Please visit SIP Forever website.

Phone numbers not responding anymore...

From http://sipphone.com/numbers :
*-TELL weather, news, technology, sports (open)
*-5414 University of California Irvine voice menu (open)
*-5000 welcome message (NOT open)
*-ECHO (3246) (open)
*-0000 party line (sometimes has people talking about VoIP; open)
*747-1-222-XXX-XXXX create your own conference room by choosing any 7-digit number (open)
*-2663 FreeConferencecall.com (see here; open)

Mini-FAQ about this page:
Q: What is an open VoIP phone number?
A: Open means that you can call that number from a proxy that is NOT a business partner. For example, you can only reach *-5000 (SIPphone welcome message) from adapters registered to SIPphone or one of SIPphone's peering partners, so that number is NOT fully open to incoming SIP calls from outside SIP clients.


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