1) To call from SIP Broker to another SIP proxy, use the appropriate prefix listed here. For example, to call sip:613@fwd.pulver.com, dial '*393613'. (SIP Broker simply maps prefixes to domain names so that you don't have to figure out how to enter letters on your phone's numeric keypad. With Sipura and some other adapters, you could do the same thing by pasting '613@fwd.pulver.com' into your phone's speed dial web page.)

2) The following SIP proxies have prefixes that route calls to SIP Broker:

Blueface.ie *8 OR 19308
Callcentric **275
IpTel 2220
Ekiga <no prefix reqd> Just dial <SIP-Code&><Number>
IdeaSIP 1999
QxIP <no prefix reqd> Just dial <SIP-Code&><Number>
SIP Forever *8425

To verify that your SIP proxy's peering to SIP Broker is working, dial YourSIPproxyPrefixForSIPbroker*011188888 (for example, *8425*011188888 if you're using SIP Forever). You should hear the SIP Broker welcome message.

Some phones (including all Grandstream phones) will NOT work with SIP Broker unless you are using one of the SIP proxies listed above. (Phones listed on the Dial Plans page do work with SIP Broker.)

Note to SIP proxy administrators (NOT end users): To "peer" with SIP Broker:
1) Create a SIP Broker prefix in your dial plan.
2) Dial YourPrefixForSIPbroker*011188888. If you hear the SIP Broker test message, then you have successfully completed this step. If not, check your dial plan and SIP messages log to make sure that the call was actually sent to sip:*011188888@sipbroker.com.
3) List the SIP Broker prefix on the "peering" web page on your website. It will save your users some time if you link to http://sipbroker.com/sipbroker/action/providerWhitePages and list how to dial the SIP Broker test number (which lets your users quickly verify that the peering to SIP Broker is actually working). For example (if you're using *275 as your prefix to SIP Broker):
SIP Broker: *275 (test number: *275*011188888)
4) Add your prefix to the above list (by editing this page).

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