LinkSys and Sipura dial plans

This page is for setup tips for using Sipura/LinkSys VoIP adapters with SIP Broker.

Basic Sipura/LinkSys dial plan:

L:20,S:7,( x | *xx | 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 <:@sipbroker.com> | [x*][x*]. <:@sipbroker.com> | <#:>[x*][x*]. )

If you just want to get started with SIP Broker without learning "the gory details" of dial plan syntax, the basic dial plan (above) is for you. The basic plan has the following features:

1) By default you will check SIP Broker FIRST, and only use your normal/registered VoIP provider if/when SIP Broker doesn't find a ENUM match for your number.

2) For all numbers EXCEPT "USA style 11-digit dialing", you will have to finish your dialing with the #-key, or the call won't go through correctly.

3) If you want to force the call via your normal/registered VoIP service (bypassing SIP Broker), than start and end the call with the #-key. For example, to call 1-800-555-1212 via your normal service (bypassing SIP Broker) you would dial "# 1 800 555 1212 #".

Advanced Sipura/LinkSys dial plan hints:

For anyone who doesn't want to be limited to the "basic" SIP Broker dial plan (above), you will have to construct your own "advanced" dial plan to meet your needs. Since you will need to "customize" your dial plan to fit your needs, this will be a highly individual process (i.e. we are not in a position to give you an exact "advanced" dial plan for your specific needs). However, here are several "tips" that might prove useful when constructing your own custom dial plan.

Get the Sipura/LinkSys manual first, if you don't already have it:

The first hint (before trying anything "advanced" with your adapter) is to get the manual for your adapter, if you don't already have it. While such manuals can be a pain to read, they do have a lot of useful info in them (including the full dial plan syntax). In the case of the Sipura models, the PDF files of the manuals can be downloaded here: http://www.sipura.com/support/index.htm

If you want to leave your dial plan "as is", but send everything starting with the *-key to SIP Broker:

For those of you who already have a "dial plan" you like, but would like to send everything starting with the *-key (and ends with the #-key) via SIP Broker, than the dial plan pattern you want to add to the front of your dial string is:
*xxx[x*]. <:@sipbroker.com>

The above dial plan fragment will send everything starting with the *-key (and ending with the #-key) via SIP Broker, while otherwise not changing your existing service. This will let you dial SIP Broker "Sip codes" directly (for example the SIP Broker test number would be dialed as "*011 1 88888 #" with that dial plan). While this dial plan fragment won't let you do "ENUM with fallback", it will let you do basic ENUM (without fallback to your default VoIP provider) by dialing "*013 number #" (for example the above will let you reach marksojal's ENUM test number by dialing "*013 1 516 687 5089 #").

__If you want to be able to dial 911 FAST, and your defaut VoIP supports 911:

If your default VoIP supports 911, and you want to be able to dial it FAST (even when SIP Broker is down), than this is the pattern you want to add to the front of your dial plan:
NOTE: The above is: 9, 1, 1, capitol S, zero, space

Including the above 911 suggestion with the default dial plan, and you get this:
L:20,S:7,( 911S0 | x | *xx | 1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxxS0 <:@sipbroker.com> | [x*][x*]. <:@sipbroker.com> | <#:>[x*][x*]. )

NOTE: Again, the above will ONLY work if your default/registered VoIP supports dialing 911 (and not all do)!

If you want FREE access to USA "directory assistance" (411), add this to your dial plan:

To get free USA "directory assistance", add the following to the front of your dial plan. This will cause attempts to dial 411, to be redirected to the 1-800-FREE-411 service (via the "Free World Dialup" toll free gateway). This will give you free "directory assistance", with the only "price" being that you may have to listen to a few second voice ad.
<:*18003733>411S0 <:@fwd.pulver.com>

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