Brekeke SIP Server Configuration

The following are Dial Plan rules for connecting your Brekeke SIP Server to SIP Broker.

1. For receiving a call from SIP Broker.

If your Brekeke SIP Server is assigned SIP Broker's SIP-Code, you can receive a call by using the SIP-Code.
At this rule, the SIP-Code is "*7925" for example.

Rule "From SIP broker"
 [Matching Patterns:]
$request = ^INVITE
To = \*7925(.+)@

[Deploy Patterns:]
To = %1@
$auth = off

2. For making a call by using SIP Broker.

The rule below allows to make a call to SIP Broker if the prefix is '*'.

Rule "To SIP broker"
 [Matching Patterns:]
$request = ^INVITE

[Deploy Patterns:]

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